Mitch Stroup Mitch Stroup


Photo by John Schell 

Mitch is a commercial lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles.

As someone who instinctively knew what to do the first time a camera was in his hands, photography is undoubtedly his calling and passion.

Born and raised in Missouri, Mitch began shooting skateboarding, sports, and fitness of friends and colleagues. He was hired by several companies and brands before he discovered his love for commercial photography, and in 2016, relocated to Los Angeles to pursue the dream.

Mitch favors a clean and polished style. Using skill and intuition to capture beautiful moments while his easy going, laidback approach creates a fun and relaxed experience for both models and clients.

Mitch lives for dogs, apple pie, and a good surf. If that’s all you ever know about him, it’s enough to say you know him very, very well.

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